eTrafficTeam is a new online marketing firm whose leaders have been in this game for over three years. The company was founded in 2005 by Trent Warren, a web marketing genius who spent several years working on a marketing contract job for an online retailer. He was able to learn the "ins and outs  of a then-new marketing tool - pay per click advertising - which is now commonly referred to in the industry as Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Trent has combined his SEM experience and web expertise with several marketing and graphic design professionals in order to provide affordable services and assist small businesses and start-ups in this often-complicated (and expensive) world of online marketing.

eTrafficTeam genuinely cares about our clients' success and strive to meet their every requirement. We work closely with our clients throughout the entire process and strive to provide the most return on their investment. How do we do it?

A typical client's needs call for a thorough consultation involving their web presence (web site, search engine visibility, website usability, etc.) First, we do an initial analysis of our client's web presence - noting areas for improvement and optimization. Then, we perform extensive research in our client's markets and evaluate their existing online competition. Next, we put ourselves in the mind of our client's potential customers and determine the most effective search terms (keywords) to direct traffic to the site. In addition to a basic evaluation, we also conduct a trial pay per click campaign to determine whether our clients would benefit from an aggressive sponsored ad campaign. Finally, we present the client with a proposal outlining areas of improvement and the services we can provide to renew and expand their web presence.

Our clients value the amount of work we put into the initial evaluation and consultation stages and are even more impressed with our management of their campaigns. In the world of online media and marketing, we realize it is crucial that the experts who conducted the research and initiated an online marketing campaign continue to monitor its results and changes. That is precisely why eTrafficTeam makes sure to monitor each campaign daily and provide a regular report to our clients, so they can track their investment.

eTrafficTeam has a support division that also offers a variety of services that are often times recommended by our experts. We have a senior graphic designer who works side-by-side on the marketing campaigns and assists in website design, branding, and image consultations. Our support team also has many years of experience in general marketing and copywriting - which is a valuable support tool for many of our start-up businesses. Our support team is always there to assist our clients wherever they are needed.

We look out for our clients  best interests, and in turn they trust us to help make their businesses successful online. eTrafficTeam is the firm you need to help you succeed online. Our next success story should include you!
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